# Prebid AppNexus

AppNexus | Xandr

AppNexus has rebranded to Xandr, however since in Prebid this naming change is not reflected we continue to use AppNexus in these documents for clarity.

# Overview

AirGrid integrates with the AppNexus SSP via PreBid header bidding, allowing AirGrid audiences to be automatically created in AppNexus, and passed to the SSP in real time. This integration does not rely on cookies or 3P cookie matching, meaning 100% of audiences will available to activate via AppNexus.

# Data Flow

The AirGrid <> AppNexus integration facilitates the following data flow:

  1. You create an audience in the AirGrid platform UI, for example Holiday Intenders.
  2. The AirGrid platform would create a unique ID for your audience, for example G7ajY1.
  3. We then automatically create a mapping of "Holiday Intenders" == "G7ajY1", in AppNexus.
  4. As users interact with your site we begin to build your audience, and assign the audience ID.
  5. Prebid is passed the audience ID into a specific field bids.params.keywords.edgekit.
  6. The audience is now targetable via PMP deals in real time.

# Bidder Params

You will need to tweak the JavaScript in your page header to pass targeting key value pairs via the AppNexus bidder params which Prebid exposes.

This is a simple but complete example:

var edktAudiences;

try {
  edktAudiences = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('edkt_matched_audience_ids') || '[]')
    .slice(0, 100)
} catch (e) {
  edktAudiences = [];

// This code is already present on your page.
// We are adding just a single key to the `keywords` object.
var adUnits = [
    code: '/19968336/header-bid-tag',
    mediaTypes: {
      banner: {
        sizes: [
          [300, 250],
          [300, 600],
    bids: [{
      bidder: 'appnexus',
      params: {
        placementId: 13144370,
        keywords: { 
          edgekit: edktAudiences