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Labs โ€‹

Welcome to labs ๐Ÿงช !

This is a very special place of the AirGrid platform where we experiment with cutting edge techologies, ideas & features. This section is broken out from the rest of the platform to allow for rapid testing of new ideas without the worries of integration with primary workflows.

The each lab will be in one of the following states:

  • Development: being actively worked on to extend the implementation with more features and/or improvements.
  • Review: data is being gathered on usage both qualitative and quantatative.

We therefore ask all users of all the experiments to provide feedback, ideas & suggestions wherever possible.

Current labs available in the platform. โ€‹

Synthetic PanelAudiences,AILink
PersonasAudiences,UI,AIComing Soon
Atribution & ReportingPrivacy,SandboxComing Soon
Demographic AudiencesAudiencesComing Soon