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Synthetic Panel


Panel data has been used in marketing activities for many years. Brands & marketers use human panel participants for feedback on new products, marketing campaigns and many more topics to help gain a competitive egde in the market.

This lab introduces the concept of a synthetic panel, this is a panel powered by AI participants. Each participant has been conditioned on a life story to ensure they represent a sub-section of the population. Since this panel is synthetic, it has some distinct advantages:

  • Ask any question at any time
  • Can be updated with to the minute knowledge of world events
  • Extremely cheap to run as compared to human participants

We are not in anyway suggesting that a AI (LLM) powered synthetic panel can remove the need for human panel, rather we see this as a potential new tool for the marketer ever expanding toolbox.


Begin with a question, this can be anything! Here are some ideas:

  • What is your favourite jam flavour?
  • Who will you vote for in the US elections in 2024?

Synthetic panel question

Next add some options for the panel to choose from:

  • Raspberry, Apricot, Marmalade
  • Democrats, Republicans

Synthetic panel options

Finally you can optionally:

  • Condition the responses on a statement.
  • Split by a demographic (gender, generation).
  • Specify a geography (US, UK).

Hit run, and you will receive your replies in a matter of seconds. Now grab a coffee and admire your excellent market research work ☕ !

Synthetic panel question