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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Publisher FAQ

The following section aims to address common non-technical questions, please reach out if this document does not address your question!

Does AirGrid need to be added to my ads.txt?

No, AirGrid augments bid requests with data and uses existing platforms (SSPs) for the bid request / response flow and therefore is not a new seller which needs to be added to your ads.txt file.

Yes, whilst our solution does not extract user data off device, we still need permissions to access a individual's device and also for the algorithmic decision making process (segmentation). Our IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) ID is 782.

What is the AirGrid ID for Xandr Curate?

If you need want to report by AirGrid spend you can filter your Xandr reporting by the seat ID: 12024.

How does your SDK affect the performance of my site?

Great question! We have a whole perfomance document detailing this exact question, please check it out!